The essence of the Hawaiian spirit of harmony, courtesy, balance shared through chocolates.

Life is ONO when you Live PONO

This simple statement which means “life is delicious when you live right” captures our philosophy at Pono Chocolate. Our delicious recipes make life a little sweeter with ingredients reminiscent of the Hawaiian paradise, our island-inspired wrappers, and the 'ōlelo  (proverbs of wisdom) in each chocolate bar.  

The OLA Bar

Ola means "healthy, life, alive" - a perfect name for this special edition bar dedicated to supporting Maui's residents affected by cancer. 

100% of the profits from the sale of the OLA bar go to support the Pacific Cancer Foundation. 

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Life is Ono when you Live Pono!


Blessings are a sacred tradition in Hawaiian culture.

A Hawaiian minister  (Kahuna) invites goodness, harmony, love, peace and aloha into all things that are blessed. The Kahuna Alalani Astara Hill performs her traditional blessing on the ingredients before adding to every bar and so each chocolate carries a Hawaiian blessing to you.

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