Mango + Pele's Fire Seasoning, 52% Cacao - 3 oz bar (84g)

Dairy Free

Located on the south shore of cosmopolitan Honolulu, Waikiki (“sprouting waters”) boasts over two miles of white sand framed by its famous 160-year-old banyan tree. In the 1800’s, Hawai’ian royalty made this beach their surfing playground on the earliest forms of longboards. Today, Waikiki Beach remains one of the most famous surfing beaches worldwide. According to Hawaiian legend, the goddess of fire, Pele, took refuge on Oahu. She dug fire pits with her O’o, creating the crater that would become Diamond Head near Waikiki. The mango “Hawaii’s favorite fruit”, is also celebrated with the Pono Chocolate Waikiki bar that pays tribute to amazing Pele’s Fire seasoning balanced by sweet mango. 

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